Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I spent the week of Thanksgiving with mom and dad.  We had our family dinner on Wednesday night this year which meant I spent all day on Thursday in pajamas, watching the parade and eating leftovers!!!

There were a lot of highlights in the week like spending time with dad each morning as we drove Lindsay to the vet (a little problem with her paw - nothing major), cooking with mom, lunch with my friend Diana, and breakfast with my Aunt Idris - but of course family dinner was the biggest highlight. That meant time with all the kids (except Matt who had to work).  I even got to feel baby Lauren kick!

I managed to grab a few photos of Lucas that I loved.  He's talking so much and so social - he interacted with anyone who asked for a few minutes of his time! He walked right up to his Great Grandpa and shared some obviously serious information about his tractor.

Check it out Great Grandpa

Uncle Aaron (or just Uncle if you're Lucas) is always good for laughs, tickles, and lots of giggles.  Not sure what they were being so serious about here though - especially since everyone else seems to be laughing and smiling.

All Business

Auntie Ashley and I both got some time with him watching Minnie Mouse as well as learning all about tractors on YouTube (seriously...type in Tractors for Toddlers on YouTube - hours of entertainment if you're 22 months old - who knew?!)

Watching Tractors for Toddlers on YouTube

Lucas and his beautiful mama blowing on dinner to make sure it's cool enough for little mouths to enjoy.  He's going through a "dip everything in sour cream" phase - which I think might have something to do with his adoration of his Uncle Aaron.  The sweetest part of dinner was Amanda singing wheels on the bus while Lucas helps with all the motions.  He especially likes the "click-click-click" of the seat belt buckle.


He continues to be the most amazing little boy.  It was great to get to share a meal and more importantly, conversation and laughter, with all of the family.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I enjoy sharing your family, feel like I know them all. I believe this comes from your sharing in your blog and being around for so long. Thank you for being my friend--I really enjoyed our time together.


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