Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#30Lists Blog Hop

I like to make lists.  I make shopping lists, to do lists, lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, and recipes I want to make.  Lists help me organize and be more productive (when I don't lose the list or just simply ignore it ;-).  So, it's no wonder that one of my favorite crafting/memory keeping classes is 30 Days of lists, or #30Lists.  There is a round of #30Lists of March and September and I've been, as one other blogger put it, a frequent joiner but not a frequent completer.  So, I thought I'd participate in the blog hop before we get started with the September version to build in a little extra accountability.  

Our challenge was to go to the original list (all the way back from March 2011), pick a prompt and post a list.  Naturally, I chose Vacations to Take.  

Naturally, I chose Vacations to Take.  I'm excited that three of those are actually in the planning/prep stages (although, to be fair two of those are lumped in one trip).  I get antsy when there is no trip on the calendar so knowing there are two out there is a good thing.

I did this one digitally using the kit from Alexandra Rae Designs that was included in the class this time. When I looked at the kit, I wasn't in love because the color scheme wasn't my jam.  However, I remembered I could change that in Photoshop.  I went simple this morning and just did the plain block but I'll figure out how to change the colors on the others and may just go all digital this time.

Wanna join in for 30 days of listing fun?  Register before 9/1.  I'd love to play along with you. 


  1. I hope the color changing works out for you!

  2. "I get antsy when there is no trip on the calendar." Yes. This. I'm the same way (and chose the same prompt for my post today!) I totally count the time in terms of "___ days until trip to ___."

  3. i want to go back to london, too! ...great list and layout!

  4. This is my first time participating in #30Lists. Hoping I will finish this project, too. I think if I put together a complete (but blank) book before it starts I would be more likely to finish it.

  5. 9 states you haven't visited? That's impressive. One day I'd like to make it just to the US lol. When you come to London again let me know, I'll tell you some fun places to visit.


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