Monday, January 6, 2014

TV on a Snow Day

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We are all tucked in here at home today and hoping that the power continues to stay on and the furnace continues chugging after the brief hiatus it took sometime overnight. I woke up to it being 56 degrees in here...and for those family and friends who complain about how cold I keep my place - I don't usually keep it that cold.  Luckily, my technology skill of "just reboot it" worked well on the furnace and after a couple of different combinations of flipping circuit breakers it finally started pumping out heat again.  We also had no cable (which meant no Internet which is the bigger issue in my life) when we woke up at 4:30, but Comcast had that repaired by about 9:30 so all is now well in our world.  We're just waiting on the guy to come clear the driveway.

So, I'm doing what a lot of us with power are doing today and watching daytime television.  Thank goodness it's Monday so that means an NCIS:LA Marathon on USA!  While my department is not required to report physically to campus on a snow day, we still have systems to keep operational and troubleshoot so this is really just a work day in jammies for me.

Both the mayor and the governor have done press conferences this morning.  Twenty-seven Indiana counties are under a state of emergency, the mayor is urging the City's schools and businesses to stay closed through tomorrow because of the dangerous temperatures and large portions of Interstate 65 (that's the one that connects Indianapolis to Chicago if you're not from around these parts) are closed.  I am busy watching status updates from my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and his girlfriend who are driving back from Florida today, praying for their safe return to Indiana.

So, the title of this post...I was watching the Today Show this morning waiting on one of the aforementioned press conferences to start when this segment came on.

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If you know me well, you know that I used to crunch ice almost incessantly.  If you also know me well, you know that early last year, I was diagnosed with severe anemia.  I'm on a regular iron regimen now and feel much better.  However, it WIPED ME OUT for two or three full weeks and then kept me pretty weak for a while longer.  While I never actually made the connection, the desire to crunch on ice disappeared almost completely this summer.  So, when your body starts doing/wanting something a bit might mean more than you've just adopted some bizarre new habit.

Stay warm and safe today!  It is COLD outside!!!

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