Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Roses are red

Roses 4

I really want to rant and rave tonight.  I want to tell you it's been a stressful week - two weeks really.  I want to yell about people who refuse to learn the first thing about technology yet expect technology tools to work every time they pick the up.  I want to scream about technology that doesn't work.  I want to tell people to get to the important stuff first and not make me sit and listen on the phone for ten minutes - until you tell me the real reason it's late which woudn't have made my blood pressure go up if you'd actually told me that from the start.  I want to tell you that - despite all my years as a teacher and all my training - I have come to the conclusion that there are dumb questions ... but they are dumb only because you decided to forgo all thinking before you asked - you just asked and ceded your responsibility for thinking to someone else.  I want to do all those things (and...okay...in a way I sort of did).

Roses 5

But, instead, I'm posting pictures of roses.  Perhaps you think that means someone bought these beauties for me.  Well, they kind of did.  Because I bought them for me when I went to the store last Friday night.  And I think tonight, they were at their peak.

Roses 1

So, I had a little photo shoot in my kitchen. And, even though the dishes are piled up in the sink and the dish towel on the oven door needs to be swapped for a clean one, the only part you can see are the beautiful roses.  I buy myself flowers every few weeks.  They used to be secluded in my bedroom because of the cats but I can put them anywhere now so I'm experimenting with some new locations.

Roses 2

And while I like all the artsy, filtery, shots above, this one is still my favorite.  It's still the most true to life and the most rich and the most vibrant.

But my favorite shot of the whole shoot...ya, it's this one.

Lindsay in waiting

Why, you ask? Check out that catch light in her eye. That is a thing of beauty. And you, dear viewer, have no idea that she's only laying there out of promise of treats and because I'm holding her tennis ball mere millimeters from my lens - and offering up more promises of play time and goodies if she'll only hold still and not scratch, yawn, lick, bark, yip, or shake her head just long enough for the shutter to capture that gorgeous face that greets me every day and wants nothing more from me than for me to love her.  And, in return, she'll love me right back with everything she has.

At the end of a rough day when it's not even the middle of a rough week it's the littlest things that keep us going.

How is your week thus far?

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