Saturday, January 11, 2014


We have lots and lots to celebrate in our family right now.  This week, Ashley and Matt announced their engagement (he proposed last weekend - and she said yes!).  Ashley will graduate from pharmacy school later this year and they hope to get married yet this year as well.

Of course, we also got to celebrate this week because Lucas turned one. [Be prepared ... if you're not ready for a cuteness overload, you should exit now.]

This is how you do it!

Today, we gathered at Amanda and Steve's for Lucas's first birthday party.

Lucas's First Birthday

Of course, there was the celebratory cake that is a rite of passage for a one year old to smear all over himself.  Lucas did a GREAT job with the smearing!  He had his own personal paparazzi with both grandma's and me shooting pretty much continuously.  At one point, Amanda did ask if someone was taking some pictures - only about 100 :-)

Sugar shock

With mommy and daddy

After a quick rinse in the tub...


... there were presents!  Lots of presents.  This little boy is so loved.  Probably the most unique gift was a special bottle from his Uncle Aaron that they will share in twenty years to celebrate a different milestone birthday.

Pretty bottle


And, with a Mickey themed party, there was lots of Mickey Gear, as well as a few beloved car and truck toys, a new swing, some doggy themed items, lots of Colts gear - just in time for the big game tonight - and a little cold, hard cash.

Ready for the big game tonight!

Cash is good!

Blowing raspberries now...

What a great party and a wonderful time getting together with the family.  My personal most special moment - I got to rock this little man and give him a bottle.  He didn't go off to dreamland, although he was tired enough to do so after all this partying, but he did snuggle for a few minutes and rest.

Did you celebrate anything special this weekend?

With my Grandpa

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