Thursday, January 2, 2014

At least somebody likes this weather

I have grabbed a couple of great snow photos of Lindsay in the past.  This one is my favorite!

I love the snow

We could have grabbed that same shot today ... snow on the ground and all.  Okay - not the same shot - wow does Lindsay need a trip to the groomer (ugh!) - and, well, it never actually stopped snowing and the sun never really came out that beautifully.

Anyway, it was late when I finally picked up the camera so I used the back porch light.  Someone has reinforced this strange idea in my dog that if she sits quickly for a picture she'll get a treat...which incites this weird dance/wiggle thing she does.  So, blurry photo with bad light screams throw a texture over the top to make it look like the blur was on purpose and add some words.

She really does think this weather is awesome by the way.  She is, without a doubt, the only one.  My favorite sentiment came from my mom when we chatted by phone today.  They didn't head to Florida like normal so she and Sam (the dog) were lamenting how Sammy could be running and frolicking in the sunshine, chasing ducks on the lake and chasing his tennis ball with his other doggie buddies in the community where they've stayed the last three winters.  Instead, he's laying inside licking his paws because it's so snowy and cold outside.

To all of you in places where it's snowing, I hope you had a warm, dry day today.


  1. I love your description of how this photo came to be. Sometimes we strive for perfection, sometimes we just go with the opportunity life hands us and, not always but sometimes, those spur of the moment, need to do this now, moments produce the best results.

    1. Thanks for visiting Gardencat! No matter what - a memory was captured.

  2. I look forward to having you as part of the Force at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal this year!! Welcome!

    1. Thanks Rachel - I'm excited to try to stay with it this year.


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