Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anti-Cabin Fever


I can honestly say that only one of the residents of my house developed cabin fever while we were hole up in the house for three days - braving the Polar Vortex. And, you guessed it, it wasn't the one of us that has two legs.

Unlike many of the animal photos and stories flying around social media right now, Lindsay was pretty much unfazed by the -40 degree windchill and the one and a half feet of snow we have on the ground.  She was always ready to go outside and happily leapt through the snow - even if she did look a bit like an uncoordinated gazelle.

When I got home from work tonight, I snapped a few cell phone pics to try to get a good image of all the snow.  There is so much white, I couldn't get solid contrast so you can see the mounds in the snow, but this is the front of the house.


And since I already had the cell phone camera app up, and I hadn't been outside pretty much at all in three days, I thought someone deserved a little time playing ball. Anyone wanna see a golden retriever digging a tunnel in the snow to try to unearth a tennis ball? Ya? Here you go...


She is LITERALLY head buried in the snow. Want proof? Okay - here you go - this was immediately after. Note the snow on her face.  That is what you call ALL IN!


She was ready to go in and get her dinner after two more times retrieving the ball...but then she was ready to go hang out in the snow again.  I'm hesitant, even with the warmer temps, to let her stay out longer than about 10 minutes.  When I went back to check on her, this was what I found.  


I think I'll call it "Frozen in Contemplation".  How about you - could you have stayed home a few more days like me or are you more in Lindsay's camp with the cabin fever?

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