Monday, December 2, 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie...or not?


Hi there.  Remember me?  I'm the girl who used to live inside this blog.  Then...well...I just stopped...being in the blog that is.  There were words living inside of me but I didn't feel comfortable letting them out in such a public forum. The problem with that is that, for all the wonderful collection of paper and art supplies I have, I'm a terrible paper journaler.  I have no discipline whatsoever.  So, I didn't write much.  Not writing for me is just not right. [There are lots of other "life got in the way" types of issues in this past year as well, but in the end, I just stopped feeling the words for a while.]

But, right now, there is lots going on and I realized that I needed to get some of it out, somehow.  So, I snapped a photo yesterday and I thought that I should share it.

We spent the weekend at the farm for Thanksgiving.  It's most likely the last Thanksgiving we'll spend at the farm - which I'll write about in the future I hope.  Never fear - it's all good.  Lindsay had actually been there for two weeks as I was traveling the week before Thanksgiving and we just decided it was easier for her to hang there and run and play and act like the farm dog that she likes to pretend to be.

All that led to this picture. You see, Lindsay sleeps like a ... well I don't know what - because no pet or human I know sleeps like her.  She sleeps really, really lightly when she is napping.  So, I don't think I have ever gotten a good picture with the good camera of her sleeping.  However, when we got home from the farm yesterday I think she was just so completely exhausted (and maybe just a little happy to be back home and on her pillow), I managed to snap about ten frames before she realized something might be going on that she might be missing.

It's funny how that sheer exhaustion of being home after a time at the farm turns to complete boredom the next day.  We've played with every toy she owns tonight trying to get out some of that energy (and so I didn't have to go walk in the rain since that started the second I pulled in the driveway tonight).

So, I'm back, although probably not really regularly - but maybe more often than once every 8 months :-)

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