Friday, March 1, 2013

OLW Blog Hop - March 1

Welcome.  If you're joining us from the One Little Word Blog Hop and just visited Julie - I'm glad you're here.  Please make yourself comfortable. If you're one f my regular readers - you know I always love having you here as well.

In this month's OLW prompt, we were to create a vision board.  In true "me" fashion, I finished mine at about 10:30 last night and snapped the quick photo above with my cell phone.  I've ben intrigued by the idea of a vision board for a long time, but had shied away from it.  I used to put boards like this together when I was a kid all.the.time - I mean like every single week.  I loved the act of cutting images and words that appealed to me from magazines, arranging them on a surface, and gluing them down.  I used to simply glue one set of images right over the top of another when I got bored with the previous.

Fast forward to adulthood and while I often tear things out of magazines - I never got to the act of putting them together.  It somehow felt too childish.  So, the freedom to do this assignment was nice - I "had" to play in order to do the assignment and I'm really happy with the result. I gathered images over the entire span of the month (and dug into some of my art journal stash of images I'd been hanging onto for one reason or another) and then late last night assembled what you see above.

The process was fun and relaxing.  A great way to wind up what has been overall a good month, but one that has been extremely busy in terms of my work calendar.  However, I've managed to squeeze in a bunch of action (my word for the year). My goal this month was to "live action" - focusing my actions on improving my home.  And I did a ton of things.  Take a quick room by room tour with me (I don't have photos of everything, but I've got a pretty good list):

  • Laundry Room - cleaned off the shelf and added plastic shelf liner from the Container Store to keep everything from falling through the wire.
  • Guest Bath - nothing, but then again I didn't have anything planned
  • Kitchen Hall
    • Added a Chalkboard Wall
    • Replaced Lindsay and Fluffy's food and water bowls so they coordinate
  • Kitchen
    • Updated my flour, sugar, and powdered sugar containers - that's an in progress shot - I still need to write up the page.  I'm thinking about saving that for a full kitchen redo
    • Cleaned off and out the fridge
    • Replaced the old wire shelf with a new rolling cart!!!  - I also plan to do a post on this one, but I'm debating painting the cart so that may be a bit later 
    • Moved several things around in cabinets to make the kitchen feel more efficient
    • Cleaned and organized a couple of cabinets - still more to do here
  • Living Room
    • Hung several pictures that had been lying around for a while
    • Experimenting with some different furniture placement
    • Patched the tooth hole in the wall from where Lindsay slammed into it while playing with a tennis ball
  • Stairway
    • Hung more artwork
    • I cleaned all the walls downstairs and upstairs
  • Master Bedroom/Bathroom
    • I've got paint splotches on nearly every wall and I've chosen colors - now I just need a weekend to paint.
    • Cleaned and organized the linen closet
    • Replaced the existing rug with a new one and moved the existing rug to the...
  • Office/Loft
    • Put in the rug from the bedroom (temporarily - it's probably going somewhere else eventually)
    • Painted the long wall
    • Added Artful Ledges
I didn't do much in the studio or the guest room/bath (which Aaron, my nephew, is currently occupying).

It feels great to get all this progress made on little projects in the house.  March is a busy one from a travel perspective so I won't have nearly that much time to pay to the house, but I still hope to get a few things done.  But, I'm most looking forward to an "action packed" March and enjoying travel both for work and for pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you're on the hop, you're headed off to see Margareta next.  Enjoy!

Missus Wookie:


  1. Your vision board is amazing! I love the size! Great job!

  2. Goodness, what a productive month you've had! Fabulous vision board!

  3. GREAT month! LOVE the vision board - "relentlessly authentic" indeed :D Happy travels this month!

  4. I hear you on the finishing at 10:30 the night before and snapping a shot with the cell phone. Glad you HAD to play and take time out from your long list of achievements - congratulations on them :)

  5. You've had a busy month! I do the same thing you do--the project late the night before and a quick cell phone pic :) I love your board!


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