Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Half - Inspired 2013

I have been a big fan of Katrina Kennedy's Capture Your 365 email prompts for a while now.  I have taken a couple of her classes in the past and found the content to be amazingly beautiful in how it is produced.  Katrina has also always been very generous with feedback in the forums.

So, at the end of 2012 when Katrina started advertising her new class "Inspired" - I signed right up.  While I'm actually pretty successful with taking a photo a day so far this year - I know I tend to lose energy as the year wears on.  However, I was nearly positive I could manage one photo a month for all of 2013!

The class is a pretty simple get one set of instructional content around a photo prompt each month.  For January, our prompt was half and, as always, the instructional material Katrina provided was beautifully crafted and so detailed.  (BTW...when you see my photos below you should know I didn't follow the assignment guidelines at all...I ran with the word half and pretty much did my own thing...I never have been very good with following instructions.)

Each Friday we also get an inspirational email with some additional pointers, tips, links, etc.  I've LOVED, LOVED, LOVED each of those so far.  Then, once a month, we have a one hour(~ish) webinar with Katrina which is a photo critique session.

Tonight was our first webinar and I left my computer inspired, impressed, and feeling as though I had learned a LOT.  Katrina offered insight into all 40 (or so) of the photos posted in the gallery in just a little over an hour.  She got feedback from all the participants on the webinar (or at least I assume don't know who else is on with you) and shared that really nicely.  I picked up so much in that just over one hour of discussing the photos...things I know I wouldn't have observed on my own.

I accidentally uploaded two photos to the gallery - so thought I'd share both of them with you as well.  The first one I selected was this one:

Ocean Sunrise

Loved the motion in the sand on this one.  Also love how the light plays off of the sand to make it look almost glittery.  

The second one I uploaded was nothing more than a snapshot...a quick notice that if I hadn't grabbed would have been gone.  I post processed it to the sepia tones and did some cropping.  I know I will always treasure this photo of my parents holding hands and loved the kind of quirky take on the prompt of half (that I am half of each of them).  

Mom and Dad

I didn't notice until we were talking tonight in the webinar and Katrina pointed it out how their hands line up with the line of the sidewalk/pavement.  Of course, now it's the only thing I can see so will be working on trying to correct that out of the photo.

Update: I played around with the photo this morning and took out some of the lines - I do like it much better.

Mom and Dad

Our February prompt is "Two"...can't wait to see the inspiration Katrina has in store for us.

What is inspiring you right now?

Capture Your 365

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