Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kayaking the St. Sebastian River

Dad and I just finished our kayaking trip down the St. Sebastian! Beautiful way to spend a Saturday!

When I planned this trip to Florida to visit mom and dad, I prompted dad that I might be up for a little adventure...something involving water. We talked a little about it and he ran with the idea of going kayaking. He found a place that let us rent kayaks and go on a river cruise.

The first part of our cruise was actually a bit adventurous - tiny bit by most people's standards - but still adventurous. The river was pretty narrow as we got started and I used more than a few trees as navigational tools.


As we wound through several miles of river way over about four hours, we saw turtles, 2 alligators (one dad got pretty close to), loads of jumping fish, one manatee, and lots of birds. Since it was such a gorgeous day, we also saw lots of jumpers coming out of airplanes from the nearby airport.

It was a truly beautiful day. I've got several more photos on my Flickr site - dad took most of those as I didn't pack my camera along. I did shoot quite a bit of video. This one is my narrated video.

And this one shows dad's gator encounter, although not as clearly as I had hoped.

This one shows just how peaceful our little journey was.  Listen to those birds!

So, while I have a few muscles in my back and shoulders tonight that I didn't know I had this morning it was a wonderful day all around.

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