Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherishing little moments

I am sharing my favorite photo of Lucas so far in his young life.  This was captured by his Nana Donna. 

“With what pleasure do we look upon a family, through the whole of which reign mutual love and esteem, where the parents and children are companions for one another, without any other difference than what is made by respectful affection on the one side, and kind indulgence on the other.” ~Adam Smith

I have always cherished our family.  We are, at times, loud, overwhelming, silly, and maybe just a little crazy.  But, we are still a family who cherishes one another, cherishes our shared experiences, and celebrates together.  Celebrating a new baby isn't something we've done in several years and I am enjoying it so much as we continue to embrace baby Lucas.

On Thursday evening, I visited Amanda, Steve and Lucas.  When I arrived at their house, my brother Johnny (Grandpa) and his wife Donna (Nana) were there visiting.  It was a nice opportunity to visit with them and see them as grandparents.  My brother has always been demonstrative in the love he shows his wife and kids and that is no different in the way he is treating his first grandson.  I think that's why I chose the photo above as my favorite.  (Plus, all my photos have Lucas's eyes closed and I wanted one with his eyes bright and open which they often are.)  I so love seeing Lucas's bright little eyes looking at his Grandpa - as if he's already listening to his Grandpa's stories...taking in his wisdom.

My sister Susie is in Florida visiting mom and dad so we thought with her tech tools on that end and mine on this end we could probably pull off a quick Skype visit so Great Grandma and Great Grandpa could see their new Great Grandson in 3D.  The visit was a sweet moment to share with all of them.  Lucas was still awake so Great Grandma and Great Grandpa got to see those beautiful, alert eyes.  

I had brought dinner for the kids, so I held little Lucas while he fell asleep in my arms and the kids got some dinner together.  It was so sweet to see Amanda and Steve go through the routine of making a meal - something they do so comfortably and easily together.  You can tell it's a ritual they do often.  So sweet to see them play with "the girls" - their beautiful dogs Maggie and Reagan.  And so sweet to see them already settling into the role of parents so comfortably.  

I will continue to cherish every moment we all share together, but especially stay focused on how much more special those moments are with Lucas in our family.

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  1. So sweet--beautiful words, beautiful little boy, precious love.


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