Monday, January 14, 2013

around here...'s the first day of classes.  If I counted right, this morning this will be my 100th start of a semester either taking classes, teaching classes, or otherwise working in an educational environment (I did double count those terms where I was both taking classes and teaching/working at a school or College).  If you stopped living your life on an academic calendar sometime after high school or college was done, it's hard to remember there are some of us who continue doing it for the rest of our lives.  It's like New Years, but without the confetti...or the shiny, silver ball.

...I tend to get a little crazy before the first day of classes, so yesterday my kitchen looked like this...


...and this...(Oh how I love using the light inside my fridge as a light source...still the most perfect light I know for photography.)  Truth be told, these photos were pretty much at the end of the crazy.  At one point, both crock pots, a dutch oven, and two different bowls of melted chocolate were all hanging out in my kitchen.


...I have a thing with soups right now.  I made my "sweet" chili (recipe here), as Amanda has said she really liked it when I made it once before so I'm taking that and buckeyes and fudge to she and Steve one night this week.  (And, also, to see the most handsome man I know.) I also made some Chicken Tortilla Soup (recipe here) and this chicken teriyaki recipe from Pinterest, subbing Trader Joe's Soyaki for the called for Teriyaki or soy sauce. My freezer is very happy right now.

                                                                                Source: via Kara on Pinterest rained here, a lot.  Something like 3 1/2 inches.  If it had been snow, it would have been more than two feet.  I hated the rain, but I'm sure glad we're not looking out at more than two feet of snow this morning.

...Lindsay got a bath on Saturday.  I mopped the floors on Saturday.  After 3 1/2 inches of rain, both tasks would seem as if they were a waste of time. The photo below was about two hours post bath...she was a little clean. She's not anymore.


...I'm THRILLED that Alisa Burke's Larger than Life online class starts today.  I can't WAIT to dive into it.

...and, I'm thrilled there is another round of #30Lists coming up in March.

...but until it's time to get back to the creative endeavors, it's time to get back to work.


I do hope Monday treats you well, regardless of whether it's the first day of classes for you or not.

Did you do any cooking, cleaning, or creative tasks this weekend?  Perhaps you did a good deed for someone.  I'm still looking for someone to help me Pay It Forward in 2013.  Could that be you?


  1. looks like you had a busy weekend! Lots of yumminess in the kitchen. I spent a full day in the craft room... sorting, cleaning, purging... and I'm NOT DONE!

    1. Cheri - I can so studio goes through these organized/disorganized cycles ...and just when I feel like I"m done I start a new project and it all goes crazy again.


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