Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A new office for a new year



I am starting this new year in a new office. In the fourteen years I've worked for the College, I've worked on three campuses, in four buildings, and eight offices. This office is large - large enough to hold a small conference table comfortably - it is by far the largest work space I've had thus far - and it's more than three times wider than my most recent office.  The other benefits of this new space - my whole team got larger space as a result of our move AND, I have virtually no commute any more.  I've gained an hour back in my day!

Obviously the new space comes with some challenges.  This is certainly a "before" photo.  I've got the little stuff done - desk stuff unpacked, computer and phone working, etc.  However, I have a huge wall that is going to certainly need some art and photography.  I'm looking forward to creating that.

The other "problem" might notice that the window in the back is cracked open.  It is winter.  It never got above freezing today outside.  However, it stayed well above that for most of the day because we left the heat on on Monday when we left.

A few adjustments are well-worth a beautiful, spacious area that is close to home.

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