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One Little Word Blog Hop - November

One Little Word November 2012

You know when you wake up in the morning and among the first things that pop in your mind are, "Where's my camera?" and "I need to use glitter today." ... well you know it's going to be a good day.  Obviously, I found my camera (hence the photo above) and, you can't really tell in the photo but there is glitter on the card stock I used to decorate the three extra pockets of this month's One Little Word page.

I had planned to do a whole series of posts on gratitude in November.  But, I didn't do much posting at all.  November overwhelmed me....and I let it...and that's okay.  There are some wonderful memories from November, like my niece Amanda's baby shower - and this precious moment between she and her cousin Ashley...and soon to be here baby Lucas.

Ashley Loving on Lucas

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving as a family.  I did most of the cooking this year.  I am grateful that mom was here to co-cook - even if most of it was from the comfort of her chair in the living room.  She won't always be here to remind me to spray the inside of the crock pot before putting the mashed potatoes in to keep them warm and that adding some butter to the stuffing (even plain 'ole Stove Top) keeps it moist.  

Military Gear in the Williamsburg Museum

I had a lovely day on the Friday after Thanksgiving taking photos with my friend Diana.  Any time we get together is wonderful!  I really liked how this photo turned out from that shoot.

Some things are changing in my professional world as well.  All for the better I think.

But, back to One Little Word...I always think that the November prompt should be about gratitude.  And, as I was putting together my page today (and yes...I did it's one of the beauties of the One Little Word project...they are meant to be quick), I was thinking about how grateful I am to have connected with the lovely group of ladies who participate in this Blog Hop on a somewhat regular basis.  They are inspirational in their writing, photography, design, scrapbooking, and just in how they live their lives...their lovely families that they share, the experiences they have, the places they live.

So, as you visit each of these ladies, I thought I'd tell you why I'm thankful for having gotten to connect with them this year.

Margie - our fearless leader.  The adventures of Margie's beautiful family in China are so fun to read about - and you gotta love anyone who loves cupcakes.
Lisa - who is our guest host this month.  Lisa is a great writer....and she too writes about cupcakes :-).  Her photos are always gorgeous and inspiring.  Her stories are beautiful as well.  
Kimberlee - Kimberlee is a story teller...I often find we cross paths in online communities (I just saw she's doing Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle - so I look forward to seeing her in there!)  
Monica - Monica has this beautiful scrapbooking style that I love.  The pages always look and feel light and airy.  I so appreciate her design style.
Naomi - Isn't the name of Naomi's blog beautiful?  I love the juxtaposition of writing and photography.  Her writing style is informal, inviting, and comfortable.  I always love reading her posts.
Cheri - Cheri is in my "365" list in Google Reader - the blogs I read no matter what when there is a new post in them.  My favorites.  She always has beautiful scrapbook pages - and is dedicated to memory keeping.  I love that about her blog.  Cheri kept a gorgeous gratitude journal in November.  I want to do that next year! Or maybe next don't have to be grateful only in November.  
Ruth Ruth lives in London.  I could love her posts for no other reason than that I'm a little obsessed with London and so every time I am on her blog, I read the posts in a really bad British accent.  I aspire to be as dedicated a blogger as Ruth - I don't think she's ever missed a day of posting.
Veronica - Veronica divides a lot (maybe all) of her posts into categories - and they are simple, mostly one word things like bake, sip, etc.  If you've got a second, click on the Five category (here you go... and just scroll through.  What a visual delight.  I  look forward to the fifth of the month to read what she has posted and see the beautiful images she has arranged.  Even though they are five random things each month...there is a visual connection in each month's post.  
Kara <You are here - and I thank you for visiting.  I appreciate all of you!
Cynthia - I'm so glad Cynthia is your next stop this month as I didn't have her in my One Little Word list for some reason.  I look forward to seeing her posts in the days and months to come.
Karen - I also didn't have Karen in my OLW list, but she is now.  (Don't you love the title of her blog?!!)  Her word for this year carries some sadness, her writing is open and beautiful.  Her photos are gorgeous. I got lost in her blog for 30 minutes or so while I was "getting to know her"...looking forward to reading her pages in the days and months to come as well.   
Kelly - I love Kelly's stories and her photos.  I love her description of herself as a mess-maker extraordinaire...I've borrowed that a few times... (I hope you don't mind Kelly!)
Carolina - I haven't mentioned before...but a friend and I are taking an online Spanish class together ( starting in January...I read Carolina's blog every post - hoping that some day I'll be able to read the Spanish translation as clearly and easily as I read the English.  
Missus Wookie - Don't you love that name!!  Missus Wookie is also 
another great daily poster.  I really admire folks who have gotten themselves to a regular schedule
and stick to it...certainly something I aspire to.
I look forward to continuing this journey next year.  I'm in a conundrum about my word for 2013.  I keep having this short phrase come back in my it may not be just one word for me, but rather a phrase.  Can I break the rules like that?  Probably so.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your blog-hop friends! Hoping you find the right word or phrase for yourself for next year. I should think you can choose anything you like :).

    1. Alexa - thanks for commenting and stopping by. I'm a little closer to my word for next year after an encounter today.

  2. You really are grateful. What a lovely way to show it too (your OLW tributes). Wish I had been along on your journey this year. Love that photo of the military gear. Job well done!

    1. Karen - thanks so much! Your photography is beautiful. I've visited your site two or three times since coming across it while writing this post. You've got a new reader!

  3. Wow. What an amazingly thoughtful post. I have really gotten a lot out of the hops (when I participate, which isn't every month), but this definitely takes the cake (Or should I say cupcake?) : ) It is so neat to see what you like about each person's blog!

    I love the color scheme on your cards (yay pink pen!), and your patterned paper cards look like a lot of fun.

  4. What a fabulous post! And thank you so much for the way you've described me and my blog. I did smile at the dodgy British accent thing ....

  5. Thanks for the compliments! So glad I finally made it over here to see all these lovely photos and joyous moments. I love the pink and brown on your page. :)

  6. What a great month you've chronicled here, and how cool that you described each of the blog hop participants in the way you did. So glad to have 'met' you this year and hoping we get to hop together again in 2013 :)

  7. WOW Kara! I'm really late making the rounds of this hop this month, but so glad I finally made the time. I love your recap of what you like about each of the hop participants blogs (can you imagine having done that during the first half of the year???). And I'm so honored that you find my blog worthy of your 365 list! I've already chosen my word for next year and am so ready to be fully participatory again!


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