Monday, November 26, 2012



As I write this, Fluffy is sitting here on the arm of the chair with ever constant companion.  It's been over a year since we lost Dippy.  While I miss him terribly, Fluffy is a completely different cat.  I've now owned two dogs who were definitely meant to be in one dog took us losing Dippy for me to realize Fluffy wasn't aloof - she simply needed all of my attention.  She was meant to be in a one cat household.  If the huge paw-swipe she gave Lindsay earlier tonight is any indication, she'd prefer to be the only pet.  Period.  End of story.  

I'm vowing to pick up my camera as close to every day as possible again.  And I'm so glad I did that yesterday.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't have thought to grab it to capture this shot.  If I weren't trying to take pictures more often, I wouldn't have spent more than 30 minutes on the floor of the studio playing with Fluffy and treating her to belly rubs.  She basked in the sunlight and so did I.  

I love her look.  So serious.  I forget that she enjoys having her picture taken (or perhaps she enjoys all the attention she gets when I'm trying to capture her picture).  I also love the lights and the darks.  The post-processing to black and white - drawing out the very bright patch of sunlight and darkening up the gorgeous shadow of Fluffy's eye near the floor - was inspired by this post on Kat Sloma's Exploring with a Camera series.  I wish I spoke Italian so I could do justice to what I am sure is the beautiful word chiaroscuro.

What is calling your attention or capturing your eye right now?  Do you need to take a picture of it?


  1. Wonderful Kara! I'm so glad that you tried this in black and white. The contrast is beautiful, really focusing me in on Fluffy's eyes. I also love your story of the cat. My cat is an "only cat" too. In fact, he's mostly a one-person cat - he'd be happiest if it was just me and him in the house, I think! Thank you so much for joining in with Exploring with a Camera this month.

  2. I love the way that Fluffy is looking at the camera. The eyes really have it and his whiskers look pretty good too!


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