Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordful Wednesday #WW


As I am off enjoying a little end of summer respite this week, I've had a few posts scheduled for you.  This one is the second to last in my series of posts from my summer vacation to the Pacific Northwest. You can read the first three installments here, here, and here.  Check back next Wednesday for the final post in the series.  

On Monday, we headed for Montana.  Our original plan was to make our way to Glacier National Park.  However, after much discussion, map measuring, and refiguring, we realized that was out of bounds on this trip...just too far away given the time we had.  Instead, we headed into Montana and to beautiful Flathead Lake.  The photo above was taken at the overlook just as you approach the lake from the southwest - it's the first real view you get. I must say, I like the photo but it doesn't do the real view justice.


We had a couple of hours to spend in town so we stopped in the downtown area and went to the Visitor's Center/Chamber of Commerce.  The folks there gave us a few recommendations on what to see during our time in town.  As we left, I stopped to take some photos of the beautiful rose bushes just outside of the building.  As I turned from picture taking, this friendly gentleman - and his parrot, were waiting to head into the Chamber building.  


After grabbing a quick lunch at a local Art Bistro - seriously the type of restaurant I'd have if I ever had one - we headed just a little way out of town towards Kerr Dam.  Some of the most incredible views we had the entire trip....although according to the sign it could have been the most dangerous. Luckily, we saw no bears or mountain lions.  



As we headed back towards our hotel for the night which was in Missoula, Montana, we stopped at the St. Ignatius Mission.  This beautiful old church is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The murals that cover all the walls inside were painted by one of the cooks in the mission in the 1800s.  The church is still an active Parish but is open to the public and tourists.  


I loved the light coming in through this window - as well as the mixture of the traditional Christian symbology with the Native American tee pee.  


Our visit to Montana concluded in Missoula, Montana.  We walked around the downtown area a little. I don't know that I would recommend Missoula's downtown area...just wasn't much there on a summer evening.  Perhaps when school is back in session it's a more interesting area.  However, overall my brief time in Montana was absolutely beautiful.  

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