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Weekly Web Roundup - The Color Me Rad Edition #colormerad5k

Welcome back for our second weekly roundup.  If you want to know a bit more about what these are all about and why I do them, you can take a look at the first one here.

So as this photo...that only got pushed out to my Instagram fee...would tell you, something rather interesting happened around here this weekend.  I ran walked briskly in the Color Me Rad 5K here in Indianapolis on Saturday morning.  I looked up Color Me Rad after reading about it in this post over at Young House Life.  After reading about it, I went to the Color Me Rad web site and signed up for the Indy run.

Now, let's be very clear on something.  I am NOT a runner.  Somedays, I am barely even a good walker as I have been known to simply fall down for no apparent reason.  I am also NOT a fan of large crowds of people (put a fear of being trampled right up there where most people put a fear of drowning...which oddly I don't really have).  Nevertheless, I decided to get myself out of bed early on Saturday, head to the state fairgrounds, and walk briskly while people doused us in colored water and colored corn starch.  It was a truly memorable experience and tons of fun.

I was a little worried that everyone there was going to be "serious" runners and I would be the only walker...definitely not true.  Loads and loads of people were walking and there were even a few folks who braved getting all that cornstarch off of strollers.  I am doing another 5K on September 29 in my home town if you want to join me.

Does anyone remember that this past week was actually a short week?  It sure does NOT feel like it was as I sit here looking at it in the rear view.  This next week is also a short one for me which is AWESOME.  As such, there won't be a weekly roundup next weekend, but I'll be back in a couple of weeks.  I've got a few posts queued up for you to read while I'm not computing daily though...and maybe even a few surprises will pop up if you follow me here or in these other places.

So let's see what else happened around Kara's web-o-sphere this week...


I shared this photo out over the weekend after my sister dropped off thumb print cookies from Joy Ann's Bakery in Richmond.  Best. Cookies. Ever.  It was funny how many folks on Facebook and Twitter that are friends/family originally from the Richmond area commented on/faved the photo.  Joy Ann's thumb prints are one of the highlights of living in the Richmond area.

Lindsay has been a little toy crazy this week.  I opened the drawer where I keep all of her toys and about got knocked over as she started grabbing things out of it.  Dinky (the pink dino shown here) has become her favorite toy again.  I've not gotten a picture of it yet but she curls up with this toy when she's lying down...kind of like a little kid curling up with a favorite teddy bear...too cute.

  • I don't work from home, although sometimes I wish I did.  While Jennifer aims her blog at those who work from home, I think there is something for anyone who works anywhere at any task in this article about finding flow in your space: 
  • Have you heard of Coursera?  In my line of work, these big massively open online courses (MOOCs) are an interesting thing.  I'm signed up to "take" a few of the courses.  The one I'm looking most forward to is one on Mathematical Thinking.  There is an interesting article by the class's professor that I posted to my Google+ profile.
  • I love Alisa Burke's work and her classes.  Her blog post this FAQ on being an artist...was very nice.
I have some amazing photographer friends.

  • My friend Diana is an awesome photographer...and so is her daughter Heather.  Heather and I bumped into each other while I was out in Idaho this summer and now I'm enjoying seeing her photos on Flickr as well.  This one of her two dogs...adorable!
  • Speaking of Diana...she's continuing to practice night shooting.  I love the silver tones of this shot.

Since this is the Color Me Rad edition...if you want a little bit of video to explain Color Me Rad a bit better...this one is pretty good.

I'm sharing a video from TED this week as well (see below).  But this TED video, was actually on YouTube.  It's about 3 and a half minutes long and summarizes the findings of over 500 interviews with TED attendees.  The topic...their secrets of success.  

We use a lot of TED talks in our online classes and we encourage faculty to search these amazing talks for inspiring and thought provoking content.  This short TED talk is beautiful, sad, and shows how art can help us heal.  If you read or watch nothing else today...spend six minutes with this.

I share a quote a day over on Tumblr . A couple of good ones that popped up this week:

  • "The chief enemy of creativity is "good sense."" - Picasso
  • "It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living." - Eckhart Tolle
And, while it hasn't popped up in my feed yet, I started reading Gretchen Rubin's new book, Happier at Home, this week.  One quote (attributed to Colette) Gretchen shares in the book that I've already got queued up in Tumblr for a future week... but that I want to share with you now is this..."What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner."

By the way...if you want to see an adorable book trailer...check out Gretchen's trailer for Happier at Home. The little tune just makes me happy, but I also like the visual design of the video and the message is so sweet.

Also on Tumblr this best friend Gayle has launched a blog that summarizes our past trip to Disney for the Land and Sea trip...hmmm...I wonder why she posted something from 2006 this week?  You might want to hang around here a bit in the near future to find out...

Speaking of my friend Gayle, she's launched a new business adventure...she's now an official Disney Travel Agent!  She can book other travel as well, but obviously being the Disney expert she is, Disney will be her focus.  I think by the end of this calendar year she'll be somewhere up near 35 Disney related trips in her life.

She's already done a few excited for her new venture.  If you're considering a Disney or other vacation, check out her Facebook page and drop her a line.  

I am still obsessed with Twitter and the two political conventions the last two weeks gave me LOTS of things to watch on Twitter.  During First Lady Michelle Obama's speech on Tuesday night, search terms and hash tags relating to the DNC and her speech surpassed 5 million tweets in something like 20 minutes.  Incredible!

Aside from politics, my other current Twitter obsession is the Mars Curiosity Rover ... yes... I am that much of a nerd.  This tweet showing off his Calibration panel is my favorite. That's a penny.  In a picture beamed back to Earth.  From a little robot on Mars. AMAZING! ( mom firmly believes that these photos are not coming from Mars, but rather the dessert...probably around Area 51...but I will not let my hopes be dashed by such conspiracy theories :-).

And keeping with our mini-theme of working from home...this tweet from Time Magazine explains how to do pretty much anything remotely.  It's not the best article I've ever seen on the topic, but in a follow up to their wireless issue it was pretty good.

If you recall, in last week's post I talked about making a gluten-free, no sugar added chocolate chip cookie dough dip (that's no easier to type than it is to say by the way)...we made it over the weekend and it was very good!

I think these things also look delicious!  Mini deep dish pizzas - yum!

                                                                        Source: via Kara on Pinterest

I have no idea where I'd put this if I made it, but I love the idea.
                                                                               Source: via Kara on Pinterest

These camera printables are adorable...not sure where I'm going to use them yet, but I did print a page of them.  I'm thinking making a custom white balance card with this on the front and just white card stock as the backing...hmmm....
                                                                  Source: via Kara on Pinterest

That's it for this week....I will likely not have a full web round up for the next couple of weeks, but check back for a few other fun surprises (technology willing)...and then I'll be back with a weekly roundup at the end of the month.

Want to join me on any of these sites?  Please can find me online at the following places.  Not sure how to get started at one of these sites, but want to know how...ask a question in the comments.  Helping people with technology is what I do...If I can help - I will!

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  1. Ok two things. First I just did a color vibe 5 k fun fun and doing a color me rad when we go visiting the inlaws. Second. Your blog header is a radial flyer slide wwondering where this is. Why?? Because we have one here in Spokane


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