Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photoshop Preset - the Before and After

20120724-_D703908-PacificNW2012.jpg 20120724-_D703908-PacificNW2012-2.jpg
You'll meet this gentleman and his parrot in a future Wordful Wednesday post as I wrap up the stories from my trip out to the Pacific Northwest.

This post, though, is not about my new friend and his parrot.  It's about using Presets in Adobe Lightroom.  A Lightroom preset is a set of tasks that you let the software perform to a photo all at once.  I was editing several photos from a friend's family photo shoot this past weekend and decided since I was doing many of the same edits to the photos, it would be a good idea to have my own portrait preset.  

I've downloaded and installed several presets already.  However, I had not yet created one of my own.  I spent a few minutes tweaking the photo of my friend here until I got from the original straight out of the camera shot on the left to the look you see on the right.  This smoothed out his skin a bit and highlighted the skin color in a way that I think makes it look a little more natural.

If you'd like to try my preset, you can download it here.

Do you have a favorite Lightroom trick or preset?  Share it in the comments!

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