Saturday, September 1, 2012

OLW Blog Hop - Embrace Imperfection



If you're here for the Blog Hop, I hope you enjoyed visiting Lisa, as well as everyone else in the hop so far.

When my friends Cherry Kay, Chuck, Becky and I visited Creston Canada for all of about 30 minutes during our quick trip to the Pacific Northwest at the end of July, I found myself on what I usually consider the wrong end of the camera.  I think Cherry Kay spotted this mural sporting a hotel baring my surname.  It was agreed I had to be photographed in front of the mural.

It's not a great photo of me.  My hair is clipped back, I have on little to no make up and we had been in the car for about six hours by that point in the day ... no one looks good after that.  The thing I noticed as I scrolled through my photos from the trip and came across this one...the smile is real.  For me, that's always the best measure of a photo.  Is the smile real?  If it is, then nothing else really matters.

So, here I am.  Perfectly imperfect.  And I'm embracing it.

I shot another photo specifically for this project this month.  My hands at the piano at my folks place.

_D704149-005-LaborDayatFarm-{Date (YYMMDD)»}.jpg

No smile though.  I'll go with a real smile anytime.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoy the Blog Hop this month!  Have a great time visiting Ruth.  For a full list of participants, scroll down just a bit more.

Margie -


  1. Oh I like both - the poised shot gives a glimpse of what you care about and an aspect of your life. While the snapped shot gives another - the willing to have fun with others, not worry about your hair and give a real smile. Woot!

    Didn't manage to join the hop this month but did post my photo.

  2. I love both shots! Here is to embracing imperfection!

  3. I really like both of your photos. I can completely relate to the hair and make up issue. Your smile comes through though. I love that you are embracing it. I like the piano photo, to, because it shares a part of you that you consider special.
    I missed the hop - silly me, but posted anyway.

  4. I think it is great that you have two different shots. So glad that you didn't just pick yourself apart and you found your true smile. So important. That is why I don't really have pics of myself. I hate them all and pick them apart. The only reason I have one this month is because I just heavily filtered it. LOL. Great post!!

  5. I really love both of your photos and your words too!!!

  6. I totally agree... real smiles should be treasured, no matter what you are doing or looking like!

  7. love those vintage photos...i'm a little late to the hop so i'm seeing what you've posted since then!


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