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OLW Blog Hop - June


Welcome to the July 1 edition of the One Little Word Blog Hop. Can I just say - where has half the year gone already? If you're coming here from Ruth's page, I hope you're enjoying the Blog Hop so far. I loved her June month in numbers page. Wasn't it cute!

I am traveling a bit this weekend and haven't quite finished all my art cards for this month's page. However, I took the snap above with Instagram last night so you could see one of the pieces. I'm still learning to love Instagram - but if you'd like to follow me - I'm kicki22.

As always, I like to use the OLW posts to look back at the previous month - and look ahead a bit. June was an INCREDIBLY busy month. I had two photo shoots this month - the beautiful wedding of Melissa and Scott and then the Vorderstrasse family shoot.

My friend Diana and I had such a great time shooting Melissa and Scott's wedding - our first "pro" gig. I was amazed at how much fun it was. It was our first gig, but we definitely had some awesome successes. We covered everything really, really well. We didn't get each other in many of our shots. And, we produced an awesome set of photos for the bride. Before we did it, I never thought we'd do it again. After we were done, we both agreed we'd definitely do it again. Want to see a few shots from the wedding? Here they are...



I also had the pleasure of spending a morning with the Vorderstrasse family and doing a photo shoot for them. Adam works with me and I had given all of my staff a photo shoot as a Christmas gift. I'm not quite finished processing all the photos, but am looking forward to posting a short recap. It was funny that while I was shooting I didn't feel like I was taking enough shots - but of course when I got back to the computer I had shot over 700 images.  I'll post a few here when they are all done.

I also spent several weekends at the farm this month.  May and June are always busy months back home with the Ivy Tech Tea, mom and dad's alumni banquet, dad's birthday, my brother's birthday, and Father's Day.  My Brother Johnny turned 50 this year so his daughter Amanda, who got married last September threw him a surprise party.  She also had a surprise for all of us - the announcement that she was pregnant.  As always, time at the farm involved a couple of dogs, a lot of tennis balls, and relaxing with mom and dad.

Johnny being surprised on his 50th birthday
Framing the shot
Dad at the Community Center on the day of their alumni banquet.  He works very hard to take care of this building.

Sound of protest
Mom and I making carmelized onions - yum!!

I wonder if the tennis ball feels fear?
Lindsay and Sammy - worm's eye view - a shot for the photography class I'm auditing at the College where I work.

So, it's been a busy month around here. July has a couple of big trips in it - one for work and one for fun. I look forward to seeing you here a bit more often as I try to get back to a regular schedule of blogging this month. July was pretty good last year so hopefully I can get back to it this year. If you are a regular visitor, I hope to see you again in a couple of days. If you only stop by for the Blog hop - thanks for visiting, I hope to see you next month, and now you're off to see Nikki - Enjoy!

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  1. Great photos! Beautiful bride and love the b&w processing on that one.


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