Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am

Happiness and Devotion
Photo of Lindsay, lit by the sunset this past weekend.
  • I am thankful for the end of a workday that actually felt productive.  Some days, it just feels like work. Today, it felt slightly productive. (And I'll gladly take slightly right now)
  • I am fortunate to have friends who share a meal after work for a little girls' night fun and relaxation.  Thanks ladies - great burgers + great company = great evening.
  • I am amazed that my beautiful Lindsay takes as much joy in chasing a butterfly she noticed on the side of a tree as she does in chasing her tennis ball.  So happy I got to see that moment this evening.

  • CatchingUpMay_D701552-20120524.jpg
    Taking a quick break between ball catching a butterfly chasing tonight.

  • I am happy Fluffy still enjoys running through the house with pure excitement.  I don't know what she's chasing or thinking when she does it, but it's so much fun to hear and see.  She regretfully declined any photo taking tonight.  Some days she loves the camera and other days she expresses her extreme displeasure at having it pointed anywhere near her the way that only Fluffy can express such displeasure.
  • I am enjoying my little patio garden and this amazing weather.

  • My "garden"

  • I am lucky to be surrounded by creative friends online and off who take beautiful photos.  Deb's black and whites are gorgeous in this post and I'm so incredibly excited for Diana who is going to have her own show soon!
  • I am inspired to get creative.  The fact I posted tonight shows that - and Ali Edwards post by the same title inspired it (along with Lindsay chasing that butterfly...I knew I had to capture that memory somehow and this felt right).  I feel some paint in my future this weekend.  Whether it will go on paper or on a wall...completely up in the air.
  • I am glad I took the time tonight to get my photos posted and updated in Lightroom and Flickr.  Several big things I need to get recorded here over the next few days that are captured in that photo set.
  • I am loving this talk by Scott Hanselman.  It's titled, "It's Not What You Read; It's What You Ignore".  Already listened to it twice.  Lots of good things in here.  It doesn't hurt that it is a true geek fest too.
  • I am anticipating a relaxing chat with Gayle over dinner tomorrow night while I visit Muncie.  I am guessing we might talk about upcoming cruises and chances to spot Pluto on the beach.  (Thanks G - that photo is now on my bulletin board and puts a smile on my face just thinking about upcoming trips!)
  • I am looking forward to a restful but productive long weekend.  I hope to get a few more projects off my Moving without Moving list underway and done this weekend.  It's interesting that that list isn't creating any "psychic weight" for me.  It's big and massive, but I just chip away at it a little tiny bit at a time.  This post at Young House Love shared a similar perspective...and I loved how in this post, also this week, they talked about making the house "their" house...not just anyone's house.
  • I am grateful to the men and women who protect and serve our country in the armed forces and as public and civil servants.  They and their families deserve nothing but our complete honor and respect at all times.


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