Thursday, April 12, 2012

There's a plan for the "best of your life" to the conga line.

Field of joy
Try as hard as I might, my heart is still a little sad today.  I went after something and didn't get it.

I spent last night, after I found out that I wouldn't be moving forward in that particular adventure, engulfed in my own personal art therapy...and making an alternate plan for other things that would consume my time. As a part of my self-prescribed therapy, I finished processing my photos from my trip to Chicago...and this beautiful field of tulips brought the same smile back to my face that was there when I was lucky enough to see them in person.  I named this one "Field of Joy"...I think it's appropriate.

Have you heard of and their notes from the Universe?  I signed up a day or so ago to start getting these after Ali Edwards listed them on her list of "Stuff that's been lifting me up".  I got my first note today...which is continuing to help my heart move on from the "what might have been".  The note reads...
Everything is optional, Kara, and every option holds a promise, and in every promise there's a plan for the "best of your life." 
So, whatever you chose, or may yet choose, celebrate it. 
To the conga line, "HEY!" -    The Universe
Since I spent a good part of last night making a new for moving without really moving - an idea captured from one of my favorite books - I'll assume that plan leads to my conga line.  I think these tulips might inspire a choice of new wall color!

May you have a wonderful day my off to the conga line (and a few more of my favorite shots from Chicago...)
I LOVE this color

I took that one purely for the color!

Ring of color

Nature is still a far better artist than any human I've ever met.

The Bean...with sunflare

If you're in "my neighborhood" in have to visit "The Bean" (a.k.a. Cloudgate)...why is it I am NEVER there when it is cloudy? 

Mandatory Self Portrait

...and while visiting "The Bean" you must take a self portrait.

Carbon and Carbide Street Scene BW HDR

One final shot...the Carbon and Carbide building (a.k.a The Hard Rock Hotel Chicago) in lovely Black and White.  This one was my favorite shot from the whole trip because I saw it...just like my head as I snapped it.  I knew I'd process it in HDR and Black and White to deepen the shadows and catch the blur of the cars and soften the edges of everything as HDR always does.  I don't often get one to come back in post-processing exactly the way I saw it when I snapped it...but this one did.


  1. I've been receiving Notes from the Universe for over a year... love them!

  2. The tulips are lovely. Love the light in them.


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