Sunday, March 11, 2012

You looked for art...I looked for arson

I generally look forward to the "Spring Forward" weekend with a tremendous amount of disdain.  In Indiana, we had it figured out for many, many years.  Our clocks stayed the same while all the other people in the world went through this infernal time change.  But now, for some unknown reason masked in the guise of energy conservation and commerce generation - we move our clocks ahead one hour.  And come July, it will be light outside at 10:00 p.m. I don't agree with it - and never will.

However, stepping off my soapbox for a moment will allow me to tell you about the wonderful weekend I had. About a week ago, my friend Diana sent an email with the subject line "Commando photo shoot invitation".  Diana has taken me on a few wonderful shoots in the past...the old school being probably the most adventurous to date. know I was intrigued to go on this adventure too.

Diana, our fearless leader, ...


got permission to go onto a piece of property with a burned out old house and burned out and mostly gone barn.  Five of us met and drove to the property  - Jane, Jim, Diana, Diane, and me.

The skeleton of the house was still standing...



as was a small shed...



and the silo (my favorite straight out of the camera shot of the day).


All in all, I took more than 250 shots, I've not even begun to really process them yet as I took a bunch for HDR and my HDR software is acting up. I want to do some other artistic stuff with some others.  Will be fun to do later in the week.  A couple of the other favorites that were pretty much straight out of the camera until I can get that done...



The description of where we were taking photos and why we were taking photos there prompted one of my favorite sayings from my dad - a 50 year veteran of the Williamsburg Volunteer Fire Department. The conversation went something like this:
Dad:  "Why would you want to take a picture of an old burned out house?"
Me: "I was looking for art"
Dad: "I've taken a whole lot of photos in burned out houses.  You looked for art...I looked for arson."

Today, we went to church, which was lovely.  After a few errands, my sister, Susie, joined us at mom and dad's place. After a short visit, Susie, Dad, Lindsay and I took a walk on the Cardinal Greenway trail.


When we got back to the farm, my brother, Johnny, and his wife, Donna, were there in his "new ride" (you can also see my sister's new ride in the background as well...lots of new vehicles in the Monroe family these last few months...Susie and mom now have matching cars.  As Susie and I walked up the drive, I think I heard something about "Johnny's midlife crisis" car...but it sure looks like fun!!!


I'll have more photos up later this week after the HDR software and I have a conversation and I remind it who is boss.  I hope you had a great, sunny weekend! Have any great adventures to share?


  1. That silo image is fabulous! I can see why it is your favorite.

    We went to a favorite ice cream place this afternoon, then we found this antique store (which was closed) that had lots of old Stuff outside. Of course, My Camera was with me, and Camera wanted to take photos.

    How could I resist?

    No doubt some of those images will magically appear on my blog this week.

    Enjoyed that warm spring weather today!

    Love the title of your post and how it came about!!

    1. Deb - I can't wait to see your photos. Sounds like you had a great weekend - anything that includes ice cream makes a good weekend in my opinion.


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