Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge - Arted Office Supplies!

Welcome to my completed  (YEAH!!!) project for the Pinterest Challenge.

If you've not heard of the Pinterest Challenge, then you're probably not a regular reader of one of my favorite blogs - Young House Love.  The adorable, (self-proclaimed) oversharing Petersik's are just adorable and fun ... and they provide regular doses of DIY goodness and great ideas.

Last Wednesday, they posted the Pinterest Challenge winter edition.  Simply put...you have one week to look through all those pins on Pinterest, find one to do, and "Just Do It!"  And I'm so excited to say I did.

I looked through all my pins and while I was drawn to (and picked up supplies during my visit to the farm this weekend) a cool wall art piece made out of a reclaimed window as well as a buttoned up monogram art piece, I decided to finally get my arted up tape dispenser done - as inspired by one of my favorite artist's - Julie Balzer.  See Julie's in the pin below and you can see more photos on her original blog post.

So, I grabbed my silver sharpie (Julie used white - I just preferred silver) and got to doodlin'.


Arted Office Supplies - Side View

The tape dispenser did come first - I actually finished it last night after getting home from wine and canvas.  As is often the case with me, art inspired the desire to do more art.

You can see it a bit better here...I started with the words "art made this way" but didn't want to feel locked in...so I added the "or that way" on the back.

My fave...the tape dispenser

and the back view...

Tape Machine!

After finishing the tape dispenser last night, I decided the stapler and hole punch needed a little dressing up too. The stapler has been with me a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time...see the last vestiges of my name written in whiteout pen on the top? That was from when I was a classroom teacher about fifteen years ago. It's held up pretty well I think.

Stapler Before

Since I couldn't get all the white out pen off...I decided to just Sharpie over it...

Integrating the old "art"

The hole punch got a few touches as well to finish off the set...

Hole Punch Close Up

This project couldn't be more simple and now...I have far less boring office supplies adorning my desk! 

What have you completed off of your Pinterest boards? Share in the comments - I'd love to see what you're doing.


  1. Replies
    1. Diana - that is so sweet! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

  2. Super cute, Kara! I never thought about doing something like this, but it would be so fun to pull these put of your desk!

    1. Erin - thank you so much...and I've pinned so many mason jar chandelier's - but yours is the cutest I've seen yet. I absolutely pinned it as inspiration for whenever I get that done.


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