Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cases of Intention - OLW March Blog Hop

If you're here for the Blog Hop - welcome.  I struggle with the scrapbook assignment for this month - nine images visualizing your intentions.  However, the photo above and the photo below - and the story here (which is the most important part of the scrapbook...telling the story) as well as a few other random shots from this month will make their way into my scrapbook next week when I get them printed.  But here, is the story....the most important part.

I could begin my first post in a month (granted - a short month - but's been a month) in a lot of different ways.  An apology to the friends I've not responded to - and have missed while I've taken a little break...a lot of excuses about how work has been crazy (when is work not crazy?)...or just a note on being fully exhausted from a lot of travel (four states and the District of Columbia in 10 days - I'm still recovering from the laundry and suitcase explosions)...but it's more appropriate to talk about my word for the year...intention...and how February saw me full of intention but a little light on action.  And the difference between intentions having meaning and intentions being just words.  What I desperately want for 2012 is for my intentions to lead to action - and February, while a huge month for me, was a little light on my personal intentions for my life.

Let's review February - just to capture it here. I finished Julie Balzer's excellent Stamp Carving 101 class.  I've got LOADS of new stamps that I need to get photos of some of the things I've created with them and get those posted.  I also participated in a Mixed Media Postcard Swap using one of the stamps.  Another wrap-up post I need to get done. I got a promotion at work.  It has been in the works for a while, but I was glad to see it finalized.  I also finished up a couple of consulting projects and gave a talk at a national meeting held by one of our vendors.  The talk made me anxious, which isn't normal for me - I am comfortable speaking in front of groups, but I felt awkward and weird the entire time.  It was well received though and I've gotten tons of good feedback on it.  As I said, I spent time in Florida (wrapping up my visit with mom and dad), Ohio (work meeting), Arkansas (consulting), D.C. (national meeting for vendor), and finally, of course, Indiana.  I've been home for about two weeks which has been wonderful, but the weekends have been busy so I'm not getting caught up on the backlogs of mail, paper, and other things that stack up while you're traveling....that's a nice segue into what I did last night!

Two of my twelve intentions for this year are 1) a place for everything...and 2) everything in its place.

I wanted a way to celebrate my promotion, honor my intentions, and honor Leap Day! - which should be a holiday in my opinion.  I also wanted to kick start my intentions again.

So...I bought some bookcases that I've been ogling at my local consignment store for about two months.  When I moved out of the farm house four years ago, I gave up rooms and rooms of built in book cases.  As a result, I had, until last night, just a couple of small bookcases that didn't come anywhere meeting my lateral storage needs.  Not to mention, I'd actually like to use them for some decoration.

I also got off my duff and put some prints of some of my favorite photos from last year that have been sitting in my studio into frames I've had around for a while so I could display some photos.  The photos will most likely get hung in the stairway or over by the front door in the near term, but it's intentions in action...and that's how I wanted to mark the end of February.

I plan to be back to posting at least a few times a week - if not daily - for a while now.

If you were here for the Blog Hop - thanks so much for visiting.  I love the OLW prompt for March so I hope you'll come back next month for a more scrapbooking oriented post as I always enjoy the March project so much.  Enjoy the rest of the blogs on the hop.  You're off to visit Eydie at WhatWeCreate.Net.

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  1. Kara I loved your post. I am thinking you did a lot this month. Holy moly you did travel a lot too. I can't wait to see if you are able to come up with a montage from February - your photographs are awesome so it should be wonderful!

  2. Yes lets start a campaign for a Leap Year holiday LOL You have travelled so much during the month I am surprised you even had time to go shopping for the bookcase! Looking forward to catching up with you next month.

  3. Great post. Looks like you did take action and were busy. Give yourself some credit. ;) Congrats on the promo!

  4. Beautiful bookcase and cute kitty! TFS!

  5. Beautiful bookcase and beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with us. It will be interesting to see how your OLW develops for you over the next few months.

  6. Kara, what a great post! I agree that the text is the most important part of the scrapbook...else it would be just a photo album! LOL! Congrats on the bookcase. Here's to realizing more of your intentions! Good luck with your OLW in March! -Amanda

  7. I'm always fond of bookcases - and my cats like sleeping on or in them too. Hope you recover from your travels - congratulations on your promotion too.

  8. Congratulations on your promotion. The bookcases are beautiful. Thank you for sharing part of your journey with your word.

  9. Kara, as people reminded me, you actually did the assignment. You had intention and follow-thru and it's ok if you didn't quite follow the prompt. I think it's there to support we your fellow students are. The bookcases are lovely. Have fun filling them up.

  10. I love your post! Sometimes life gets "in the way" but you did honor your word through your actions. Kudos on the bookcases and the promotion :)

  11. Capturing the OLW sometimes is hard. But the main thing I learned is that you just need to live your word and go with it....


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