Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will this be the last photo my D80 ever took? [2/366]

Will this be the last photo ever taken with my D80?

I ADORE my Nikon D80.  I got it just before heading to Hawaii with my mom in January 2007.  My friend Diana and I both D80s almost at the same time.  My D80 has visited Maui, London, Paris, Vancouver, Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Disney World (probably more times than I can count) with me.  We've been to Washington D.C., Philadephia, PA, San Diego, CA, and Phoenix, AZ together.  We've gone to family outings, work events, and photo safaris.  My camera - that camera - has become a part of me.  

However, yesterday morning while snapping a few photos of my studio to post for Alisa' Burke's Create Daily class my camera, quite literally, snapped.  The shutter stopped opening/closing all the way as you can see in the photo above.  I hopped online and apparently this is a very common ailment with the D80.  All the folks online say it normally happens after just a couple of years of really good care.  I don't take bad care of my camera, but she gets knocked around a bit.  Living with me can be tough :-)  So, I guess I should consider myself lucky that she lasted for a little more than five years without any major incidents.  That's my own attempt at calm reassurance...it's just not doing much to soothe my soul right now.

I took her to the Fed Ex place, and with a (what I'm sure was) freaked out look on my face said - can you please pack and ship her to this address.  "Pack her very, very carefully."  The guy looked at me a little funny, but I've got to tell you that he packed her EXTREMELY well - thanks Fed Ex guy.  So, she's off to New York - completely naked (you aren't supposed to include anything including the strap when you send them off).  I took a photo with my camera phone before she left.  It's painful to see.

Will this mean I'm not going to make my 365 (+1) yet again this year - already on the 2nd of the year?  NO!  Luckily it happened while Gayle was here.  She had borrowed my Coolpix so I borrowed it back.  I'll be posting my first photo with it tomorrow.  And there is always my trusty Droid X.  I figure this will give me a good chance to learn both of those devices and what they can do.

As I've dealt with this today (and yes...I know...it's "only" a camera), I've realized that my camera...this camera... has given me a way to show my heart and find and connect with my passion.  It's how I connect with the world around me.  I know she can be replaced, but I just don't want to.

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