Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Squirrels are Watching [26/366]

Waterway behind the pool

This gorgeous view is a quick walk behind the swimming pool which is right across from Mom and Dad's lovely place here in Florida. I didn't get a lot of time outside today as I was working a bit today. The rest of the trip is pretty much all vacation.

I did get some time outside today to take in some of the natives though. These guys are everywhere!
Grabbing a quick dinner

Even from up here, I can still see you

I'm watching you

And, I'll close this short post today with another beautiful view of the waterway behind the pool.

Waterway behind the pool


  1. I love the first pic--it looks HDR is it? Enjoy your time with your parents.

    1. It is HDR. This camera seems to do really, really well with HDR in handheld. I'm posting a couple of new hand-held HDR today.


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