Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A simple sketch with the Coolpix [3/366]

Start of Sketch - color adjusted

As I adapt to (hopefully a short) life without my Nikon D80 (read what happened here), I find it amusing that the awesome and cool folks at PhotoJoJo.com have started a blog dedicated to nothing but Phoneography (and who thought that would ever be a word??). FYI...if you don't subscribe to the PhotoJoJo Time Capsule (it's free on their web site) and you're a Flickr user you are missing out on instant joy in your inbox.  It automatically emails you photos from your Flickr account two times per month showing off some of the things you were doing a year ago (assuming there were photos from that time).  So incredibly smile inducing when that shows up in my email account each month!

My photo today was taken with my Nikon Coolpix.  (Like the one at Amazon, mine is also in happy red.)  One of the things I am struggling with in adapting to life without a DSLR is that I can't shoot in RAW - so my ability to edit and "fix" the shot after it leaves the camera is pretty much non-existent.  So, I was happy tonight when flipping through the screen modes on the Coolpix to find that the food photography mode (again...who would have thunk it - a mode just for taking photos of food?) has a color adjustment option.  While I actually can adjust this somewhat in Lightroom on a jpeg image, getting it to come out of the camera correctly is always the better goal. That seemed to get this sketch that I'm working on (inspired by Alisa Burke's Create Daily class) into at least the right color family.

This class has been really fun so far (today will be Day 4).  I have easily fulfilled the goal of creating daily and even whipped up this little pillow (in all its lumpy glory - perhaps fibre fill wasn't such a good choice after all - should have gone with the more expensive pillow form?) from an old sweater that was entirely too small, but that I couldn't stand to part with.  Even though it's got a few lumps it is amazingly soft (which was one reason I loved the sweater) and adds nicely to my pile of pillows mounting up in the studio.  I'm planning a full wrap up of all my create daily tasks on Saturday or Sunday.

My new pillow

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