Saturday, January 7, 2012

Putting the week in the rear view [6/366]

Putting Work in the Rear View
Still learning how to live without the D80.  I'm not sure I could have gotten this shot with it (at least in a way that doesn't look as bad as this ;-), but I would have gotten more than the one chance I get with the slowness of my camera phone.  That's one of the biggest challenges thus far - the camera phone is just so, terribly slow.

The view from my rear view mirror yesterday afternoon was gorgeous - color was fantastic, light was bright - and it was 58 BEAUTIFUL degrees - in January - in Indiana - oh ya!  However, the photo just didn't turn out so I made it black and white - gives it this sort of gritty "looked like an accident and she didn't really mean to take it" look.  

Had a nice dinner with Chuck and Cherry Kay and then the three of us shopped Costco together and planned a field trip for next weekend to IKEA (I'm so excited - I've never been!).  

The pup and I are off to walk the pond and then run a few errands today.  Then, I think...some time in the studio in between emails and paper work and all the other weekly catch up you have to do on a Saturday.  I'm thinking about picking up a movie from Red Box for the first time - anyone have any recommendations?

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