Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life Tuesday, Week Two


I started off this week's Project Life on Saturday, gathering up a few items I knew I wanted to include in the layout.  A big part of the week was the arrival of my new D7000.  When I was exploring some of the free printable art and elements at 101 Pretty Printables, I came across the "Hello Lover" printable from Missie Krissie and thought that would be appropriate to add to the layout to celebrate my new arrival.

This was also one of the first times I've used the number/day stickers that come in the Project Life Core Kit.  I saw the idea on someone else's Project Life post to use them like bullets to call attention the little bits from each day.


I used the small squares page protector as well as a 4 x 6 verticals page protector this week.  Last year I was locked into the traditional design, which got really old and boring for me.  I like switching up each week so far and knowing that whatever design decision I make this week, I have to live with next week.  In addition to those two pages there is a 6 x 12 insert with our trip to Ikea and Jungle Jim's.

Project Life, Week 2
I cut apart a couple of photos and continued them into the next square to get most of the 4 x 6 width out of the photo - you can see that in the evening photo just above my smiling face.  I also cut apart the car wash photo from last week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday and used it as "background" to fill in the space with some of the other journaling cards.  As you can see, a bit of gluing/taping is still needed to hold everything in place.

Project Life, Week 2
You can see the insert with the receipt from Jungle Jim's in this shot and notice that the Hello Lover printable moved over a slot from its original location.

Project Life, Week 2
I also did a bit of trimming on the photos of Lindsay and the snow fall in the middle slot at the top.  I also cut down the photo of my camera to just 3 x 4 and will be putting the week number and dates in the little box below it that is cut from one of the Core Kit title cards.  

I'm glad that I only had to use cell phone photos for a couple of weeks.  I am really happy with the way the two trail photos turned out, but most of the others weren't what I like to feature.  Will be nice to get back to regular photos in next week's album.  

I'm getting ready for a good bit of travel so my Project Life posts will most likely have to take a hiatus for a few weeks. 

The Mom Creative


  1. Great layout. Love your new camera! I bet you are too. :) That printable with the camera is so adorable, and how appropriate! Nice job.

  2. Looks so fabulous - off to check out those printables!

  3. Great job! Glad you were able to use the idea with the number turned out well :) Have fun with your new camera!

  4. HI. Love the hi lover printable- thanks for sharing the link!! And your road photos are so pretty!! Awesome week


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