Sunday, January 29, 2012

Move More, Eat Well, Weeks 3 and 4

As we come to the end of January, I've missed one weekly Move More, Eat Well post already. And that is quite simply because in Week 3 I pretty much fell off the wagon.  I'm trying to get back on again - and being in Florida this week has helped.  Nothing like the call of the ocean and a sun-drenched pool deck to motivate you into action.

I wanted to share with you a link to an article featured on Lifehacker this week about the impact of sedentary living on our lives.  As a person whose job often calls for long periods of sitting on teleconferences and webinars I identify a lot with this article.  The good news...all we have to do is get up and move around at least once per hour and move for 30 sustained minutes at least once per day.

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya ..... I feel so dang crappy when I sit most of the day .... it's amazing what getting up and walking around (or even hula hooping) for 10 minutes here and there can do!


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