Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lightroom Before & After [17/366]

Lightroom in Black and White

Tonight was the second (and final) night of the Lightroom class that my friend Diana and I took together here in Indy.  We were both retaking the course because we both took it originally right after we purchased Lightroom, so we didn't know what we'd need to know/want to know/actually use.  We both agreed we got a lot out of both classes.

We focused in tonight's session on the "Develop" module.  In the Develop Module you can adjust exposure, detail (sharpening), tones, highlights, and more.  You can also do graduated filters and adjustment brushes.  That was the part that I really didn't get in the class when I took it the first time - and playing with it on my own hasn't really gotten me there yet, so I was glad to go over all of that again.

I was so excited, that I came home to practice some of what we learned on some of my Alaska photos from my trip with mom and dad last May.  So, a few before and afters.





And, my personal favorite...BEFORE
Best tip of the night...When you're trying to crop a photo in light room and you want to switch the direction of the crop rectangle (so from 4 x 6 switch to 6 x 4), just hit the X key on your keyboard!!!  The backslash key (\) also lets you toggle between before and after views - very, very handy to check your work if you don't like the split screen views or it isn't practical for what you're working on at the moment.

I've got lots of notes.  I hope to get those all typed up and I'll post them here for you if you want to download them.

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday.

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  1. Love the before and after pics. Great job "saving" the pics!


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