Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Lounging Around and First Snowfall [11 & 12/366]

Fluffy Reclining

But now we have snow
I'm sharing two photos today to "catch up" with the date.  For some reason, when I started my postings for the year, I posted one day behind and it was starting to mess me up.  So, the top photo of Fluffy is just a shot of her paying attention to something other than the camera, which is odd.  Normally, when any camera comes out, she is all over it.  But, whatever sound had her attention must have been riveting.  She has taken over this cat bed since it got freshly washed last weekend.  She's ALWAYS in it.

The second photo is one of my 12 on 12 photos.  The goal, take 12 photos on the 12th of the month and create a layout of those.  I decided to use the square, framed photo format in Vignette on my Android to capture these.  The most notable thing you can see in the photo...we got snow.  Not all that much - about an inch as of the time this photo was taken, but it certainly left sideways and drives pretty slippery.  Traffic was okay though so that was good.

Big news from yesterday is my D80 isn't going to be repaired.  Long story, but I might be interested in someone who would attempt to repair it and will repair second hand cameras (Nikon will not).  So if you know someone, let me know.  But, I decided trying to track down a reputable servicer who was going to service my camera was going to be a near impossible task so I purchased a D7000 yesterday!  It will arrive hopefully tomorrow.  I'm very, very excited.

Today, I was able to use some frequent flier points to buy a ticket to visit mom in Florida. She is snowbirding and dad will join her in February.  It will be good to get in a little sun now that the skies have turned grey - (okay - so I can't complain about our weather so far - but 80s with a warm ocean breeze is always a balm for the soul).

Happy Friday.

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