Saturday, January 14, 2012

IKEA and Jungle Jim's [14/366]

Welcome to Jungle Jim's

Last Friday night, after we had dinner out, my work buddies Chuck and Cherry Kay and I decided we'd head to Ikea and Jungle Jims today.  As the week went on, we added our friend Marnia who is now retired.  The four of us laughed and talked all the way down and all the way back from Ikea/Jungle Jims.  The time together was fabulous.

I have to confess, I forgot to take pictures at Ikea.  The entire experience was completely overwhelming.  I found a few really great things at great prices so I'm extremely happy with my shopping experience.  After Ikea, we headed to Jungle Jims.  For those of you not from the midwestern U.S., you may have never heard of Jungle Jims.  The simplest's a grocery store - a really, really, really big grocery store.  However, if you want to get a better idea of what Jungle Jims is - watch Jungle Jim himself tell you all about it.

I did play with the D7000 a bit more today and I'm now going to go and work on tweaking all the settings some more.  I did discover the on board "fish eye" setting today which I used to transform this photo.  Hope you're having a great weekend.

Playing with the fish eye effect on my camera


  1. is the fish eye built in the camera as a setting? Cannot wait to see iT

  2. Is the fish eye a setting in the D7000? Looking forward to seeing your new camera.


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