Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Handmade Books and Stamps [18/366]


I went to turn on my blow dryer this morning and it wouldn't come on.  Anyone have any thoughts on why that might have happened? :-)  So, my Crayon Art project now has the cost of a new blow dryer added to it.  Oh well - I still love the piece.

Back to our regularly scheduled post...

I've made a few handmade stamps before.  I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take Julie Balzer's class - Stamp Carving 101.  It started this week.  The introductory lesson was the little heart.  I'm not a big fan of hearts, but I did decide this tag could act as a background in my One Little Word page for January....Not bad in the end (sorry the photo below showing the finished piece in the layout isn't so great - I took it this morning in very dim light).


I'm probably most excited about the fact that Julie suggested (and I'm using) Speedy-Carve (the pink square the stamp is made out of) rather than the grey lino stuff.  Speedy Carve, as the name implies, is so much faster and easier to carve.  The second lesson in the class goes live tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what we're doing next.

I'm also doing a sort of class with Artists of the Round Table using Alisa Golden's book, Making Handmade Books.

This is a rather cool group - you each buy the book and then one or two group members make assignments out of the book and facilitate your work through the book.  Our goal is to make all 100 structures.  We started with two of them which were both fun, quick and easy.




Any big weekend plans?


  1. Those are some nice projects to work on. Tha stamp making class sounds like fun, hope to see more of your homemade stamps.

  2. Angenita - they are quite fun. Thanks so much for stopping by. Kara

  3. i love your little handmade books!! The stamps look really cool too.
    Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing!
    happy CED xoxo

  4. Blown fuse? I had to rewire my hairdryer to remove the circuit breaker on the plug. Just went to the hardware store and bought a new plug, much cheaper than a new hairdryer. I use mine really safely (no water, no little kids around), so I don't think it's much of a risk.

    Love your books, by the way.


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