Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Greetings from Florida [24 & 25/366]


I am not a car person.  There is humorous story from my college years involving a paper plate and the antics of a bunny rabbit in which I attempted to tell a Ford from a Honda.  You see....I am just not a car girl.  That is, except for this one car.  And, there she is waiting for me after dinner at Mulligan's near Sebastian, Florida.  It's a RED, FORD Mustang.  Now, I'll admit, it's just a rental so our relationship will be short lived, but if I'm going to be cruising up and down the coast of Florida, I might as well be in this beautiful machine.  

I'm enjoying a little fun in the sun with my mom who is staying here for a while.  Today we enjoyed a little beach combing followed by some pool time and just resting and visiting.  A few of my photos from the area last night.




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