Friday, January 20, 2012

Art Journal Every Day [19 & 20/366]

Prepped Page

First test print

Last October, I took Julie Balzer's "30 Days In Your Journal" online class. The class was excellent and I really did get into the habit of working in my art journal for 10 - 15 minutes every day. I love Julie's classes - she is a great instructor, hugely interactive in her classrooms.  They are also "forever" access - which is going to be one of my new requirements for any online class I take.  I go back and watch videos from this class regularly - getting to re-watch a technique is like re-reading a book you love - you find some new thing to it every time.  I really dislike classes that you pay for that don't give you "forever" access to them.

This is the first time in a very, very long time that I've been in a regular journaling habit - I normally fall off the wagon - getting bored with it after a few days. But now, with the creativity (and permission I've given myself to not care what the pages look like - they definitely aren't all pretty) of the art journal and the promise I won't make this some long soul searching activity (although some days it is), I've stuck with the habit for four months. I thought I'd share a few of the page elements that I really like thus far.

Art journaling gives me a place to play with my supplies and try out all the inspiring and creative ideas I find without feeling as though I have to "make something" out of it. This page just uses one of the two interlocking stamps we made yesterday in Julie's Stamp Carving 101 class, ...

My stamp in action again

...and this page let me try out the cool tutorial for making your own paper tape.

My own Washi Tape

I also get to try out things I see on Pinterest.  This pin...

Source: via Kara on Pinterest

...turned into this painted background for a page (it's the page I started journaling on today so it will get more decoration on it as it goes...

Art Journal Every Day 1/20

And, I get to turn "mistakes" into something prettier.  Both of these elements didn't go as planned but in the end turned out looking like something artsy and fun.

Lots of doodles

Paint Blobs sometimes turn into flowers

If you live pretty much anywhere in the Midwest you're going to get some sort of weather other than sunshine and fair winds today and tomorrow. I say, stay safe and make some art. What do you plan to do for this snowy weekend?


  1. Wonderful pages - I haven't played in my art journal in awhile.

    1. Thanks Cheri - I find that lately it's one of my favorite places to play with art because nothing matters in there. Have a wonderful weekend.


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