Monday, January 30, 2012

All together again [26 - 30/366]

Grandpa and Sam on the Beach

Dad and Sam (the golden retriever) arrived today. I get a couple of days with them before I head home on Wednesday. It's nice that we're all together.

I've really enjoyed visiting with Aunt Idris and Ron on Saturday and then a wonderful dinner with my friend Julie and the adorable Milo yesterday. The weather has been gorgeous and I've thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

After dad arrived today, he napped a bit as he had driven basically straight through from Indiana. I made lunch and then we headed to the beach to grab these shots. We made dinner (shrimp stuffed flounder - yum!) and now mom and dad are both lounging in their respective chairs while Sam rambles between licking my face and collapsing on the floor next to dad. At moments like these, I'm reminded of the "Happiness is..." series from Peanuts...I'm pretty sure one of them was "Happiness is a dog sleeping at your feet."

I leave you today - and possibly until I'm back home - with a few shots from our trip to the beach today. The first two are HDR shots - the rest are basically straight out of the camera.

HDR Beach Shot 1

HDR Beach Shot 2

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_D700276-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700304-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700306-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700310-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700315-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700324-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg

_D700326-SamandDadatBeach-{Date (YYYY)»}-{Date (Month)»}-{Date (DD)»}.jpg


  1. Beautiful pictures and I really enjoyed our dinner. Come back soon! Cheers, Julie

  2. The pic of your dad with his dog on the beach with the bird in the background is a really nice pic! I have enjoyed your pics of Florida.


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