Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Coziness

Evening ritual - tea
Today's Many Muses Musing subject is cozy.  Tea is one of my many comforts - and always puts me in a cozy mood.  As I thought about the word cozy today, the only thing that came to mind was tea so I decided to shoot my tea cup with the kettle in the background.

During the winter, I keep a kettle on the stove so I can make tea both morning and evening.  I love agave nectar as sweetener - and apparently it is better for me.  Tea is just so soothing.

This photo of Lindsay snug in her bed this morning before I left for work looked pretty cozy too.  It's been raining all day, so even though she looks snug on her pillow in the living room - but she's covered in a fine mesh of mud so I'm glad I grabbed the shot of her this morning.

I also decided I needed to play around with my camera a bit more tonight.  I have had making some shaped bokeh on my list of camera tricks to try for a while.  I ordered the bokeh kit from PhotoJoJo.com a few days ago, but just didn't want to wait until it arrived so I used this tutorial at IHeartFaces.com and a couple of my scrapbook tools...

Making Bokeh
...to create star and Mickey bokeh.  (I was going to do the snowflake but I wasn't having great luck with the star and Mickey so figured I'd wait for the kit to try again.)  My results...

I could get really little star bokeh if I had my "subject" in front of the lights - but I couldn't get the bigger stars to display when the "subject was in front - so I just shot the bokeh.
Starry Lights
Photo for


Some star bokeh

Then I decided to try to simulate the Mickey "fireworks" that we get at Disney when we watch through the special hologram glasses you can get when you attend a special event at Disney...not bad. I played around with a few different filters and techniques in Lightroom.



Mickey Bokeh with Blue Filter

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