Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunset on 2011

Sunset 3

As the sun sets on 2011, I've been spending a great deal of time thinking about the purpose of my blog in 2012 as well as my other plans for 2012. I've already started to embrace my One Little Word for 2012 - intention.  I had planned to participate in Reverb in December as a means of getting prepared for 2012.  However, the person who has coordinated Reverb decided at the end of November to not coordinate it this year.  However, some others have picked up that slack and so today's Reverb prompts were about 12 in 12.  Since today is 12/12 it seems like an appropriate time.  Twelve in 12 is such a great fit since there are twelve months.  Knock out one thing a month...start twelve new habits (research shows it takes about 26 cycles to learn a new behavior - that's pretty close to the number of days in a month).

I wrote in my journal about 12 projects I want to accomplish in 2012, 12 things I want to learn more about and 12 things I want to give up/not do in 2012.  I came up with a whole other list of "twelve things" topics you could journal on and think about for 2012...if you'd like to share please feel free to do so in the comments.    I'll be sharing my "12 lists" over the next few days and weeks.

Some "12 lists" you could write....

  1. Twelve places to visit
  2. Twelve places to visit in your own city or neighborhood
  3. Twelve books to read
  4. Twelve movies to see
  5. Twelve good financial habits to form
  6. Twelve recipes to make
  7. Twelve restaurants to try
  8. Twelve people to connect with
  9. Twelve "artist dates" to have (not sure what an Artist Date is - check out the book "The Artist Way"
  10. Twelve photos to take (Yes...I'm going to try a 365 again in 2012)
  11. Twelve things to create
  12. Twelve habits to form
  13. Twelve things to paint, draw, sew, etc.
  14. Twelve things to give up/not do
  15. Twelve work or personal goals to achieve
There are loads more.  Share other lists or share your items from one of the lists

Won't you join me on an intentional journey through 2012?

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