Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

A few fun ornament shots from my tree and my friends' Gayle and Cherry Kay's trees from this holiday season. I love Christmas ornament photos - the lighting is always so perfect without having to do much work at all.  I also love Christmas ornament stories and the things they tell about us and about our histories.  Think of your Christmas ornaments - aren't they a little like your life history in a box.

From Gayle's (G's) tree - she enjoys trips to Disney.  Her home feels quite like a visit to the Beach Club at Walt Disney World.  These ornaments fit her perfectly.

A self portrait of sorts


Cherry Kay's (CK's) tree - Cherry Kay's tree is a collection of ornaments from friends and family.  Two of my favorites - the first (the lamb) was from her mom.  The second belonged to a friend who loved Christmas and collected ornaments.  When the friend passed away the family displayed a tree at her memorial service and asked friends to take an ornament.  The bottle is the one Cherry Kay chose.

An ornament from CK's mom

A gift

From my tree: I love stars - have collected star ornaments and other starry-esque items for years.  My tree is the most visual symbol of that.  Some of my favorite ornaments are the hand-made star-esque items made my by aunt and my grandmother over the years.  Each Christmas they would make ornaments for us (my Aunt - who was widowed quite young and lived a bit of a spinster life for many years as a result - made them more often than my grandma, but I seem to recall that Grandma actually made this particular one.  I love pulling them out of the box and remembering them fondly.  The second ornament I picked up on a trip to Disney.  I like to pick up ornaments or jewelry on trips.  Every time I adorn the tree or wear the item, I think fondly of the trip.
Handmade Christmas Ornament

2011 Christmas ornaments
Have a favorite ornament - snap a photo and paste it in the comments and tell your story!  I'd love to hear.

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