Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I want that...

Eye on the prize
I love my dog.  I love photographing my dog.  So, when we were at the farm for Thanksgiving (I forgot to post this - sorry for the delay - we're back to regularly scheduled photos tomorrow...) I enjoyed catching these two lovely shots of Lindsay with the halo of light on her.

Gotta love the golden hour around sunset for the most gorgeous natural lighting!

Lindsay with a halo
However, while I think my dog is top notch - she does have a character flaw - she doesn't like to share. And, while we were doing this little photo shoot, Sammy had a tennis ball and she didn't.

Just before the steal
I didn't post the photo of Lindsay stealing the ball right from between Sam's legs - or the shot of her triumphantly shaking her head and growling triumphantly like she's apt to do.  It's not a proud moment ( it bad that I couldn't stop laughing at her?)

I do so love these two though and I'm so thankful my folks are so willing to watch my sweet girl even though she isn't always sweet to her cousin Sam.  We always have so much fun when we're all together.

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