Sunday, December 18, 2011


Brownie Hawkeye in BW
I bet when you saw the title of this post on Facebook or in your feed reader you expected a completely different photo didn't you!?  Well, this is the best kind of Brownie there is as it looks elegant and beautiful and won't add to your waste line.  

If still manufactured, the entire Brownie line would be celebrating its 111th birthday in 2011.  Brownie's came in Box and Folding varieties (this one is a box type).  This particular camera was released in 1949 and ceased manufacture in 1961.  They originally sold for $5.50 with the flash costing about $7. They are currently worth about $10 - $15 so I paid a smart price for it.  

It's current home is on top of my media cabinet, but I'd like to place it atop a stack of photography books on bookshelves I'm thinking about adding to the living room in 2012.  

It also looks great with a bit of Christmas tree bokeh behind it.

Brownie Hawkeye

Any great finds you've found for yourself while you were holiday shopping for everyone else on your list?  Learning more about photography - including it's history is one of my many photo goals for 2012. What are your photography goals for 2012?

Happily Mother After

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