Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Belated Birthday Gift & A Project for the New Year

Birthday gift from mom and dad - Yeah!

I took Lindsay to the farm before I headed to Iowa last week.  My mom and dad had one gift wrapped under their tree - my birthday gift (my birthday was in October :-).  It was wrapped in the newspaper article announcing that my former boss is retiring - I'm so happy for him and hope that he enjoys his retirement.

On my Christmas list to my folks was a saw.  They picked out the Dremel trio which cuts, routs, and sands (with the little Dremel sanding barrels).  It's so awesome!!!  I can't wait to use it.  Dad said he might have to borrow it sometime so I'll probably pack it back to their place at Christmas so he can play with it too.  My garage is a little full of projects at the moment (more on that in a minute) so I don't really want to get sawdust everywhere all over all that stuff so I think I'm going to pick up the sawdust attachment for it so I can hook it to my shop vac before I use it - it's probably going to generate a LOT of dust.  Can't wait to give it a try.

It might come in handy on one of my projects for 2012 - this wine rack that needs  a LOT (LOT, LOT, LOT!!) of love.  I wanted something small to put in the corner of my dining area.  I think this will work well - and the price was definitely right.  If this piece proves not to work out - I'm out next to nothing.

Wine Cabinet Before
It needs a complete cleaning, a good paint job, and the bottom rack is going to require a bit of lying on the ground with a flashlight to figure out what is keeping it from sliding back in their all the way - I think it will be easy, but my garage floor is cold right now so that may wait until I can get the bed out of their that goes in the guest room and throw down a couple of blankets to make the job a bit easier.  Otherwise, structurally, it's in really good shape which is what led me to go ahead and pick it up from my favorite furniture consignment store last weekend.  Can't wait to show it to you finished.  

Any suggestions on good local vineyards to visit - doing a midwest vineyard tour is one of the photo field trips I definitely want to take in 2012.  There are a bunch of little vineyards in Southern Indiana - anyone have favorites there or elsewhere close by in the midwest they like to visit?  What projects are you looking forward to completing in the New Year?

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