Monday, November 28, 2011

On the HDR adventure

HDR of the School

I saw my friend Diana at a conference in Indianapolis a week ago last Wednesday. I was hoping that she'd have a good idea for somewhere we could go shoot pictures together while I was on my extended visit to the farm. Luckily, she was up for the adventure and had a place in mind. She invited another friend, Dianne along - and last Saturday, the three of us set out for a drive up Highway 1 in search of an old abandoned schoolhouse the two had seen on a previous drive. It was on the corner just south of Highway 26 and it certainly did not disappoint.

Diana has been taking some gorgeous shots and processing them with HDR techniques lately so I grabbed my tripod and decided to do the same. My favorite shot of the day is this one - which wasn't HDR. I just love that you can see the sky through the second window since the roof has collapsed.
Window that now shows open sky
My favorite HDR shot of the day has to be a toss-up between this one of a pile of junk (which isn't much of a shot - but trust me - it's way better as HDR than it was in real life) and the following one looking into the window of the school. Diana suggested the pile of trash shot - and she was right - it does make the colors pop out so much more.
Old pile of stuff

Another doorway shot - HDR

We also grabbed a few shots of a round barn on our way to the school.
Roof detail on round barn
I really liked the roof detail.

And the nails...
Still hanging on
Diana and I talked after we shot all of these and both agreed it is hard to get a good picture of a round barn.
We did get permission to shoot both of these before going on the property - a must for any photography shoot. It was such a tremendously fun day!

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