Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journal Page and Elements

Art journal page

This is my second finished layout from Julie Balzer's "30 Days In Your Journal" class - which I am completely loving (the class - although the page is pretty great too).  The timing of this class with Deb's "30 Days of Thanks" project was appropriate because it's causing me to focus a lot of my journaling and art - which is also causing me to pick up the camera more regularly and grab some photos.  I love looking at close up photos of people's journals - and of talking my own.  I think it's the bokeh (blurring) you get around the edges since I think a lot of people use a really low aperture when capturing these photos so you get this really soft look around the edges.

So, now for a few closeups...

I have this quote in a wall cling that I will put up if I ever get the studio painted. It's appropriate for what I was journaling about though so I decided to add it to the page. I love quotes - you can see my collection on my Tumblr page (there is a link to it at the top of the page). I've never had a hang up about using my own handwriting on a page - it's part of the history.  [And...thanks mom for making me sit and write every day after I got less than perfect marks in handwriting in third grade...too bad we no longer teach penmanship to kids - a tragedy in my opinion.]

Page before journaling
Close up on the left side before I journaled. The "What It Is" graphic on the left was made with stamps and some embossing powder - and my orange sharpie (after I found it). It says "It Is What It Is" all the way around the image in orange sharpie and then red sharpie. I use that phrase a lot.
The right side with that stitched paper element - which I love - and will post about how I did it tomorrow.

Do you have a journaling practice (even if it's just a daily tweet)?  I love to know how people record their own personal histories.

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