Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thinking and Reflecting

Zentangle inside another Zentangle
I always find myself more reflective at the end of the calendar year.  Something about the promise of the new year that always makes me reconsider my actions, projects, and much else.  Throughout 2011, I've been focused on creation - my word for the year.  I can definitely see the creative areas of my life have grown and expanded. 

My word for 2012 is very clear to me.  Next year - it's intention.  I've been reflecting a tremendous amount lately on the meaning of the word and how the word is really so negative (we all know that special placed that's road is paved with good intentions).  I want to make this word more positive in my life.

To do this, I'm spending the last quarter of 2011 continuing to focus on aspects of creating - that will hopefully help me get clear about my goals and intentions for 2012.  I'm thrilled to be focusing on a few things in the last two full months of the year.  My friend Deb Tisch at Learning as I Go is sponsoring Thirty Days of Thanks in November and I'm looking forward to participating.  Such a great way to prepare for Thanksgiving.  I'm also looking forward to participating in my first NaNoWriMo - whether I succeed or not is really inconsequential to me at the moment.  I just want to try.  And in December, I'm hoping that Reverb11 is going to be a great way to help me truly get ready for the challenges of 2012.  I'm also planning to squeeze in 30 Days in your Journal with Jen Balzer in November.  I art journal most days so that's not too much of a stretch. 

As for the next year, I'm trying to decide what to do with my blog over the next year. I've now tried unsuccessfully twice to do a 365 day photo project.  I'm not sure if I'll try that again, but I definitely want to keep taking photos.  I love the posts where I get to do a photo essay style post like my post on dad's Walnut Harvest, so I want to look for more opportunities to do that.  I also am thinking about how I might let my readers come along with me on my journey towards understanding how to achieve my intentions better.  Are you interested?  If so, let me know what you'd like to see and read here. 

Fluffy helps with the recycling

As for the near term, we're all adjusting to living in the house as three instead of four.  Fluffy is much clingier and Lindsay still seems confused by the whole thing.  I still miss Dippy and hope to get a photo post about him up early this week.  I also need to write about my trip to Philly which will also get posted this week.

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