Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Jack!

About six months ago I started getting Women's Day magazine in the mail.  I don't know why I am getting it - I don't subscribe and the people at Women's Day subscription services are less than helpful.  That said, there was a cute idea in the most recent issue - glass jar pumpkins.

All you need for the project is mod podge (mixed with a little water), clean glass jars, and orange tissue paper cut into strips.

JackOLanterns-20111004-442.jpg JackOLanterns-20111004-443.jpg JackOLanterns-20111004-444.jpg 
Coat the jars with mod podge in "stripes" and lay down tissue paper. I just used the orange strips in the first layer and then let dry a bit.
After they dry just a little bit, add faces cut from black tissue paper and then let dry overnight (although I couldn't wait to throw in a few battery operated tea lights and snap some photos).
  JackOLanterns-20111004-449.jpg JackOLanterns-20111004-448.jpg 
So cute - and fun!!

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