Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabulous Fall

Fall colors in my front yard

As I looked out the office window today (transitioning from one teleconference to the next), I caught myself enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the yellowing leaves in the tree outside of my office window.  I decided that I wanted to try to capture a little bit of this beautiful fall weather and fall color before it fades away.

Fall colors reflected in our pond 
While most of the color has already faded, there are still some gorgeous, bright colors in small bits right around the house.  I loved how this red tree was reflecting so clearly in the pond tonight.

Burning Bush Artistic 2

About fifteen years ago, my mom decided she wanted a long row of burning bushes planted along the iron fence that ran along the back of their property.  This was a very, very long stretch - easily a good 40 - 50 yards in length.  Even once they matured, it would take a good number of bushes to line this stretch - and burning bushes were expensive.  So, mom found them from one of those nursery catalogs that sends you twigs and in about ten years you have something beautiful.

Fast forward to three years ago when they moved out of their house and moved into the farm house (that my mom regularly reminds fault).  That was about the first year that the burning bushes were finally in full color and gorgeous.

I was so excited when I moved into this house to have two huge burning bushes in the front yard.  I tried to catch some photos of them today on my fall exploration, but I didn't love the photos so I arted them up just a bit.


Lindsay even got into the action of our Fabulous Fall exploration as she is sporting her fall bandanna fresh off of her trip to the doggy groomer yesterday.  She's so beautiful right now - all fluffy and gorgeous.

I hope you're getting out and enjoying this gorgeous weather as well.

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